Our story

The Candy Corner opened its doors the summer of 1999 and Bill and Linda Statires began their "sweet" adventure. Although new to the confectionary world, they were no strangers to the Hampton Beach summer scene. Bill grew up there during the summers working at his parents various business's which included the Seagate Hotel, Diamond C Market and Kristy's Corner (now the candy store location). 

Learning to make and sell candy (especially the creamy, mouth watering fudge) didn't come overnight. It took years to dial in everything from the recipes to the inventory, but now with 20 years under the belt, it's safe to say Bill and Linda know their stuff. One might even call them Candy Connoisseurs. 

Come in and have a chat with them. They love to hear people's stories and what brought them to the beach. Bill will be the one up by the fudge asking you if you want a free sample of fudge and Linda will be the one doing, well, everything else! Just like the saying goes, "BEHIND EVERY GREAT CANDY STORE, THERE'S A GREAT COUPLE."